Distributed Ledger Technology for Automotive Cyber Systems

Together with its partners ETO GRUPPE and Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, filancore is researching and developing a holistic vehicle-to-everything base layer to enable overarching, interoperable and secure interconnectivity of Automotive Cyber Systems based on decentralized IOTA Identities. The project is called TRADE and is part of a federal initiative “KMU-Innovationsoffensive IKT” by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The challenging vision of autonomous driving

The vision “autonomous driving” describes an intelligent and connected vehicle that adapts dynamically to new tasks and situations. Vehicles increasingly communicate and perform driving operations autonomously and interact with roadside infrastructure (e.g. traffic lights) as well as with backends of car manufacturers, road operators and other mobility service providers. This connectivity creates an Automotive Cyber System (ACS).

Opportunity for a collaborative solution

TRADETRustworthy Autonomous Driving by DEcentralized Authentication and Authorization” is the name and goal of the project which the participants hope to achieve utilizing IOTA Distributed Ledger Technology. Through decentralized identity TRADE seeks to address major concerns and demonstrates a holistic cybersecurity approach for the first time, with

  • data souvereignty and transfer between network boundaries, and
  • efficiency and scalability,

How we address the challenge

filancore is developing a management solution based on decentralized identities using IOTA that enables controlled access for relevant stakeholders in the automotive lifecycle. filancore aims to establish an ACS identity layer that works across companies and siloed ecosystems but also considers all relevant stakeholder requirements in a timely manner to create future-proof ACS, that simultaneously fulfills all relevant ACS lifecycle requirements for future-proofing autonomous driving.

Decentralized Identity Management